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      Testimonials from our customers


      BEST mattress ever!!! I tried different kinds of mattress before, i had one form IKEA and another one from a specialty store but both of them can not compare with this one! It is very comfortable but not soft to hurt your back, it can support my back and it is not that firm. I think it is in the middle of hard and soft. The material is great it came with no strange smell, my cat love it too, always take nap on it, really recommend it to anyone!


      I bought this one for the cottage because I didn't want to spend much on mattresses after I paid almost $2000 on the one I have at home, it hasn't been a year old and neither me nor my wife are able to sleep because of how much pain it causes, however, when we slept on this one though, we actually fell asleep! Now I ordered a king size one for my bed at home and I'm throwing the $2000 in the garbage! Lesson learned, I can buy 4 king size mattresses from this brand and sleep very comfortably for years for the same money I would pay for a "BRAND" name one, bottom line, buy it!


      The mattress is pretty comfortable and well made. It comes with all instructions and even a tool to cut the plastic that wraps it. The mattress got fully inflated in about 24 hours, which allowed me to start using it right after that period. I got impressed by its quality since the price is lower than all the other options that I found on the internet. I do recommend the purchase and Crystli is certainly the brand I'll go for whenever I need to buy a new mattress.


      I would say COMFORTABLE!
      The package was sealed very tight and easy to move to the room.
      Took only about 20mins to stretch to the really size.
      And no smell. The size is perfect to the bed frame.
      It support my back and i don’t feel hot when I sleep. Tbh, I don’t want to leave my bed now.

      FYI, for those of you who do gardening, try to unpack the wrapping plastic sheet carefully. It is a really good material for making your greenhouse lol.

      Simon Z

      After the bag was removed it quickly expanded to its full size. I was expecting some kind of plastic or chemical smell but surprisingly there wasn't much at all. I will let it sit for a couple of days before sleeping on it. This allowed it to completely expand and regain its shape. But sitting on the mattress i can feel the support is just prefect for me.

      So far i am happy with it. I prefer a not very firm mattress, i think this memory form mattress will give a me a good sleep later

      Edward J.